Wednesday, December 28, 2005

What's your new year's resolution?

Yep, it's that time of year. Time to start anew. Start refreshed. A clean slate.

So, do you have a resolution for 2006?

What about resolving to keep an open mind? To start each project with a fresh slate.

The great thing about being in marketing and communications is the variety. Whether you work in-house or for a firm, every day and every project is at least subtly different.

Another great thing is the redundancy: the annual trade shows, new product launches, and even new business strategies and rebranding.

While no two projects or campaigns are exactly the same, you do get opportunities to try new strategies and tactics. You can prove yourself all over again.

So, for 2006, the next time you have a new product launch, don't get lazy and dust off last year's plan. Take a serious look at who you really want to target. Conduct research or even do some brainstorming about why your audience(s) should purchase or specify your product. Then, research or even brainstorm about how you can reach your audience(s) with your message(s).

Think outside of your specific job responsibilities.

What new technologies are available you can use? What old ways could still be effective? Can you combine the new with the old?

What about a PR stunt? What about developing a sales incentive program or sales contest? Instead of issuing a news release, why don't you take your story to the media. What about an online news conference?

Whatever you resolve, don't make resolutions only in January. Make resolutions -- a fresh start -- with each project.
-- Mike

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