Thursday, March 30, 2006

I have the power!

Well, not me necessarily. But, companies do have the power . . . to control their brand. Some may call it a company's "tag."

Granted, not total control, but, do we really ever have total control over anything? Not really. Companies never did, do and won't have total control over their brand. That's one area where I agree with a fellow blogger or two.

But, companies do have more control over their brand than any other entity, individual or groups of individuals. Period. So, get over it. ;)


  • Through marketing materials like ads, media and public relations, direct mail, sales literature, etc.
  • Through communication with customers, prospects, decision-makers and opinion leaders via Web sites, corp blogs, sales people, customer service, purchasing personnel, etc.
  • AND through acting consistently and with focus through the above people and during the above activities.
Only then will the brand, image or tag companies wish to convey predominantly come out.

Will everyone have the same perceptions of the company? No, but the prevailing perception will be the one, or very close to the one the company is trying to convey. As long as the brand and effort remains consistent and focused.

Now, how to be consistent and focused is a topic for another post.
-- Mike

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