Wednesday, August 31, 2005

SC paper creates 'citizen journalism' blog

Columbia, S.C.'s "The State" newspaper is taking newspapers where they've never been before (or, at least where few have been).


Not just a reporter or editor. Actually, not any reporter or editor. In fact, the newspaper will launch a new site Sept. 1 -- -- with content provided by 25 community experts to serve as "citizen journalists."

"The State's" Online Editor Dave Roberts said the objectives of the newspaper's blog include increasing reader participation and news tips. In addition, "The State" hopes to generate additional advertising revenue geared to the specific topics or niches being blogged.

As a journalist still at heart, I think "The State's" foray into blogging -- and using local experts -- is a great outreach program: Generating more traffic and interest to its own paper, providing additional services for readers all the while generating additional revenue.

I definitely hope it works.


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