Monday, August 01, 2005

Traditional media on the outs?

Traditional media on the outs?

Reputable bloggers and even so-called "citizen journalism" will definitely continue to grow, and gain credibility. No big news there. However, don't count out the current traditional media of newspapers, TV, radio, etc.

While their value for editorial "hits" may be less due to increased media competitors and fewer eyes reading/viewing them, your local newspaper and TV station will still be vital vehicles for those in media relations.

Traditional media will -- and some are -- place more importance on their Web portals for day-to-day information. No longer will daily, or even 6, noon, 6 and 11 be enough.

All this means is that those in PR working with the media have more avenues to track, to get to know, and to develop those ever-so-important trusted relationships with.

Competition can hurt while in process, but it does make us better.
-- Michael

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